This is awrguably one of the most common questions university students ask themselves at any level of their academic path. Whether you are a first-year bachelor student at work on your first assignment or if you are a seasoned postgraduate student, essays are a difficult task, which does not seem to get easier, no matter how long you spend on them, or how many you have written already.

This is in part due to the ever changing and cumulative nature of writing for university. On the one hand, assignments are never the same: topics change, as do formatting requirements and scholarly approaches to discipline-specific subject matter. On the other hand, as coursework progresses, each assignment becomes more demanding both qualitatively and qualitatively: writing tasks are less and less guided, aims and objectives become less clear and literature must be sourced more independently.

In these circumstances, students are increasingly left to their own means. For some students, this constitutes an exciting stimulus towards academic self improvement, to embrace the challenge of knowledge. For others, however, this represents a source of worry, stress and anxiety that generate a vicious circle of procrastination, avoidance and an overall negative attitude towards university subjects.

This is due to issues in acquiring those foundational skills

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